Abandoned Vehicle Pick Up

Abandoned Car Towing and Pick Up

So it’s been days now and that car is still sat there what next? well first check here for all the rules and regulations when It comes to abandoned vehicles.

Right now, you know the rules and that its illegal for anyone to leave there parked in a public place for any period that exceeds 24 hours that’s where we come in. Right now we will tow that eyesore away. Known to Perth residents as the go to tow guys you can count on us that our prices are affordable not necessarily cheap but we always work hard to get the job done QuickTime. So, what do we do you may be thinking? Well first it starts by you calling us right away – from there we make sure our turnaround job time is fast meaning that car that is more often parked in an unsafe place more than likely putting other road users and pedestrians at risk is out of your view in no time. We will tow these vehicles to the nearest impoundment yard more information can be found on Main roads website.

How about if it’s not an abandoned vehicle you just simply want that old car that no longer works taken to the scrap yard yes, we can do that to.  The professional towing guys here in Perth can assist you for a job like this simply call our team for a free quote and next available time slot lets get this car moving.